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Small victories

Yesterday I am driving to downtown Decatur to take my brother to work.  We’re casually talking, I’m going about 5 miles over the speed limit, when I see a lady pedestrian in the cross walk.  I begin to slow down.  She holds up her hand at me, the ubiquitous “stop” motion done by all pedestrians looking out for their own mortality.

I come to a stop and the woman looks at me, incredulous.  She puts down her cell phone from her ear and yells at me.

“It’s a state law, you know!”

Okay, so here I am, sitting in my car.  I had stopped.  I didn’t run her down.  I did exactly as the law requires.

And she’s yelling at me.  I did what I was supposed to, and she’s yelling at me.

I yell back to her out of my conveniently rolled down window.

“I DID stop, you stupid bitch!”

She huffs and keeps walking, cell phone to ear, wild hair waving, short little steps towards her destination.  And I drove off, somewhat annoyed, but also secretly relishing the fact that I got to call someone a stupid bitch that day.  Something I seldom get to enjoy.

Here’s to small victories.