How to Win People and Influence Friends

I did that thing instead of blog.  The moving into a new house, starting a new job, unpacking thing.  My b, boo.

The new house is good.  It’s cozy.  My cat loves my boyfriend more than me now, though I had a feeling this would happen.  There’s not much to dislike about Beau.  Also, I think my cat has a thing for hairy guys.

"And, just like that, she became the third wheel."

“And, just like that, she became the third wheel.”

Aren’t they cute?

Anywho, I suppose all is going well – at least on the personal front.  I’m still struggling with interacting with people.  I work in an environment where I’m surrounded by people – all of whom seem to be pretty cool.  Friend material, even.  But how does one make friends?  And, with that said, do I even want more friends?  Do I feel a need to be a part of a group because I want to be or because I feel I should be?  Does more friends equate to more fun?

w = t + f

w = t + f

I recently found a book I didn’t remember having called “How To Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie.  I forget the exact reason I got it, but regardless, I have it.  I decided to look through it and find something good worth writing about. I had a hard time finding criticism with it because I think we all, in theory, know what is important about connecting with people but we all majorly fail in the execution of it.


The biggest stressor in my life, at least right now, is relating to people in a meaningful and fun way.  I’m at a new job surrounded by people who seem pretty nice, I have established friendships that could grow even more than they already have, I’m in a city with a thriving comedy scene where knowing people can help you in a big way.  Making friends quickly is a good skill.   Sign me up for your magic, Dale Carnegie.

As an experiment, who has a good awkward story?  Gimme!

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