How to get fired. How to be happy about it.

I’ve been very unproductive for the past few months, partly because I started a new job that took a lot of my time and energy away.  Well, folks, that new job is no more.  I’d never been fired before and even as it was happening I thought, “Really?  You’re firing me?”  It can be a blow to your pride.  But do not fear, I’m going to tell you how to be happy about it.

This may be a little easy for me because, in all honesty, I didn’t like the job.  I liked it at first – and then I woke up and realized what I thought was a hot job was really just a 4.

Nope, won't regret this at all.

Nope, won’t regret this at all.

But, you know, that’s how these things happen.  The timing was terrible, being broke sucks, but I wake up every day really glad that I don’t have to go into that dreary, dumb, gossipy office anymore.  And it’s given me a lot of insight into what I would rather be doing, and is making me a lot more careful in what I decide to do next.


So here’s to be happy about getting fired.  In 5 easy steps:


1.  You probably didn’t like it anyway,

I very rarely hear of people getting fired from jobs they LOVE (those people usually get laid off).  So, examine that.  Were you happy?  Were you doing what you were really good at?  Did you like the people you worked with?  If the answer to those things is “nope” then you have to see it as them doing you a huge favor.  Yes, it would’ve been nice to “shoot first”, so to speak, but a favor is a favor.

Fuck you....and thanks.

…..and thanks!


2.  You now have the time to do what you want.

One of the things I’ve always not liked about jobs, in general, is the lack of freedom.  I’m there to do a job, try to do it well, and then go home to do the things I actually like doing.  But life happens – your car needs an oil change, your house needs major cleaning, you have neglected errands to do, doctor appointments – and jobs have a way of getting in the way of your life.   And trying to get time off is always an exercise in beggardom.

Bless you for this PTO!

Bless you for this PTO!

Before you find your next gig, take this time to catch up on some things.  I recently got started on writing a novel.  I did some cleaning.  I took a good look at my finances.  I spent time with the greatest boyfriend ever.  I’ve signed up for online courses.  I went to job interviews, of course, but I’m getting things in order, too.


3.  Look back and see what you could have done differently (and try to learn from it).

In retrospect, there were signs that the job wasn’t for me.  I wanted to do something different because I’d been with the same company for 6 years.  I wasn’t being challenged and I’d learn all there was.  I wasn’t in a terrible job but I wanted to make more money and do something new.  When this job offer came along I jumped at it – a little too quickly, I think.  There initial offer was an epic salary lowball, but they countered with something a little better (still below starting…but better).  I’ll be looking for that kind of behavior in future jobs and encourage you to do that too.  Any company that undervalues you before you start is sure to do that afterward.

Also, do some research on a company before you work for them.

remember kids: research matters

remember kids: research matters


4.  Now you get to find out what you should be doing!

I’ve always had this problem: I know what I should be doing, but always end up doing things I don’t want to do for temporary safety, security, etc.

tisk, tisk

tisk, tisk

I do myself a great disservice by having a job I don’t like because it’s a job.  I’m going to look into serious career change, and might not have done that if I hadn’t found myself unemployed.


5.  Who needs em’?

Yeah, really!


So, anyway, new things afoot, as is usually the case with me.  I’d love to hear stories about getting fired, if you have them!

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